Still can’t say no to a DCOM

Fans of Disney Channel’s app WATCH Disney Channel were treated to quite the surprise this past weekend as it was revealed that they could access the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants a week ahead of its July 31 premiere.

As a Disney nerd and longtime DCOM lover, I of course, checked it out, and it’s about as cheesy and entertaining as you would imagine. See, Descendants tells the story of a world where all of the villains have been banned to Isle of the Lost, while heroes and heroines live it up in the dreamy Auradon.

However, tides turn as – ahead of his coronation – Ben (Mitchell Hope), the son of Belle (Keegan Connor Tracy) and Beast (Dan Payne) decides that his first act as king will be to allow students from the Isle of the Lost to attend Auradon Prep.

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Down for a DCOM

So I may be about to turn 25, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less of a Disney fan than I ever was. Okay, maybe a little bit less. I guess I don’t watch the Disney Channel like I used to (but to be fair it probably isn’t as good as it used to be… remember Lizzie McGuire? Even Stevens? Phil of the Future?), but I still love a good DCOM – Disney Channel Original Movie.

I grew up on DC favorites like Brink, Smart House, The Color of Friendship, and can’t forget another Ryan Merriman classic The Luck of the Irish. I mean, who didn’t have a crush on that guy growing up? Remember his dance in Smart House?

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