The surprising feminism of Degrassi: Next Class

Degrassi has always “gone there,” but with the latest iteration, for the Netflix audience, the season spent a great deal of time focusing on feminism. From Maya’s (Olivia Scriven) anthem and online trolls to an active feminist club, the subject was not merely a theme floated through one hectic episode, but a focus throughout the season.

It begins in the third episode – #YesMeansYes – when the series brilliantly tackles the important topic of consent, as it applies to one of the show’s main couples, Maya and Zig (Ricardo Hoyos). The two have had sex once before, so Zig sees no problem in pushing Maya into a physical relationship once again, as he fears the romance is fading.

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It’s a good day to be a kid at heart (and a Degrassi fan)

So just last week I shared that after 14 years Degrassi had finally finished going “there” and was ending. I should have known never to doubt that optimistic opener.

New information has emerged today, revealing – as Vulture had suggested – that Degrassi will in fact continue on, just not on Teen Nick (your loss, Nick Cannon!). Continue reading