The surprising feminism of Degrassi: Next Class

Degrassi has always “gone there,” but with the latest iteration, for the Netflix audience, the season spent a great deal of time focusing on feminism. From Maya’s (Olivia Scriven) anthem and online trolls to an active feminist club, the subject was not merely a theme floated through one hectic episode, but a focus throughout the season.

It begins in the third episode – #YesMeansYes – when the series brilliantly tackles the important topic of consent, as it applies to one of the show’s main couples, Maya and Zig (Ricardo Hoyos). The two have had sex once before, so Zig sees no problem in pushing Maya into a physical relationship once again, as he fears the romance is fading.

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Five most memorable ANTM moments

So by now you’ve probably heard that the great America’s Next Top Model has entered its final cycle – 22. Of course, 22 cycles is an awful lot. We’ve seen plenty of highs and lows, meltdowns, comebacks, horrifying makeovers, and the addition of sexy, male models to the fray of hopefuls. But that doesn’t mean the news didn’t hurt me like a number 7 challenge score.

As Ross wisely said* on Friends when Rachel brazenly asked if his copy girl hookup was “good,” to this cancellation, I say: “Nobody likes change.” What am I just gonna search the internet for a flawless photoshoot picture of Tyra Banks that just happens to be on theme of the week – do I make up my own themes? Who’s gonna remind me to smize? Continue reading

Drake is the most adorable and I can’t handle it

Okay, okay. So I know there has been all this drama in the media lately about some beef between Drake and Meek Mill. But here’s the thing: I have no time for it. I’m like Lucille in Arrested Development. I won’t hear it and I won’t respond to it. Hell, I’m still upset that Drake and Nicki aren’t married like he says in “Moment 4 Life.” Moving on.


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Yesterday the “Hold On, We’re Going Home” singer posted a snap to Instagram alongside two of his former Degrassi: The Next Generation co-stars – Daniel Clark, Adamo Ruggiero and Lauren Collins at the We Are Disorderly premiere in Toronto. Nostalgia alert.

If that wasn’t adorable enough, the former Jimmy Brooks captioned the photo – in which he can be seen absolutely beaming as he hugs his co-stars – “I think these kids went to my high school.” COME ON. How could anybody fight with this guy (I know – I lied. I brought it up again… but I swear that’s it.)? Continue reading

Degrassi Community School is finally closing its doors…

Now, I may just be emotional here, because in a small span of time I’ve lost Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, Eye Candy (hey, it was entertaining!), and Happy Endings (I don’t care how long ago it was I’ll never be over it), but I feel like losing a TV show that you watched religiously, especially a long-running one, is like losing a friend – or maybe at least a pretty cool acquaintance.

And now I hear that after a two-week finale event, Degrassi will be ending it’s 14-year run as well (though Vulture later reported it was only ending its run at Teen Nick?).

Now, when it comes to long-running series on my list, Degrassi is pretty much as long as it gets. The original show, Degrassi Junior High began in 1987 and continued through 1991. Now, let’s be honest, I obviously wasn’t watching that. However, I have seen it, and I think I even have a few episodes on iTunes, because I went through a phase where I would download anything on the shop that was free… but I digress.

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Veep Recap: “B/ill”

There’s another scandal to overcome in this episode, as the lovable, yet incompetent staff let it out that they’re trying to kill Selina’s Families First bill – while the president lays in bed nearly incapacitated, and at times, delirious, with the flu.

It all begins when Gary (with Ben’s permission) arranges a “secret” meeting with Dan and Amy at what appears to be a Color Me Mine to discuss the Families First bill, and how Selina wants it voted down – though he insists she has no idea he’s even having the meeting.

Back at the White House, discussion of the plan is getting around, and no one is doing anything to hide it from Mike – the press secretary – who’s seriously starting to freak out, because what he doesn’t know, he doesn’t have to lie about. But he’s starting to know a lot… Continue reading

Veep Recap: “Mommy Meyer”

Mike is the beleaguered staff member this week, as he vents to his wife while at breakfast about the overwhelming stressors of his job. She dutifully gives him a pep talk, after which he dashes off to work – leaving her with the bill – remembering as he leaves that it’s her birthday. Don’t worry though, he does mention he’ll try to grab something for her after work.

Back in the oval office the gang bursts Selina’s bubble, as after gushing over her recent performance in a debate, she was forced to confront the public’s less than stellar opinions of her Families First bill (aka Mommy Meyer bill).

It’s revealed that the bill is getting crucified on the hill, to which Ben callously jokes: “just like that Jesus guy.” It only gets worse from there, as Bill reads a particularly harsh opinion on the bill: “If Families First is passed, the whole concept of families will come to an end.” Funny man Ben quips: “Well, that’s the goal. I’m not sure we’ll achieve it in this generation.” Continue reading

Veep recap: “Convention”

Okay, so I know I’m totally a day late and a dollar short with this Veep recap, but I worked late last night so I missed out… but I didn’t want to just not write about it, because it was so wild.

Of course a lot happens, what with Doyle stepping down and Dan scrambling to impress his vegetable-obsessed client. But the biggest news is that Amy quits as Selina’s campaign manager.

After everything she’d already been through, Selina’s (seemingly) brainless parrot Karen was just too much – the straw that broke the camel’s back – and the overly worked, overly stressed aide called it quits. Two down. Continue reading

Veep recap: “Tehran”

Things get off to a surprisingly good start in the fourth episode of this season, with Selina knocking it out of the park on her Middle Eastern peace tour.

Her ratings are through the roof, while recently fired Dan watches her success glumly from his couch as he continues the job hunt and throws back beers.

Though it does seem that Dan isn’t the only one suffering at the hands of Selina’s success. Ben is basically the walking dead – forced to act swiftly as the President’s right hand man, though it’s been days since he’s slept. Continue reading

Why I’m dying to see Scream Queens

So I am completely obsessed with Scream. It may be a strange movie to love – gore and horror and all that, but it’s a classic, and hey, I love all kinds of movies.

Scream was iconic in that it played on horror tropes, while characters made fun of them. It unsuspectingly killed off popular actress Drew Barrymore within the first five minutes. And one of my personal favorite details, it brought together aww-inducing couple David Arquette and Courteney Cox – onscreen and off. (Though that last one is a bit sad since they aren’t together anymore, although, I guess also not, since they have each happily moved on.) Continue reading