Veep recap: “Tehran”

Things get off to a surprisingly good start in the fourth episode of this season, with Selina knocking it out of the park on her Middle Eastern peace tour.

Her ratings are through the roof, while recently fired Dan watches her success glumly from his couch as he continues the job hunt and throws back beers.

Though it does seem that Dan isn’t the only one suffering at the hands of Selina’s success. Ben is basically the walking dead – forced to act swiftly as the President’s right hand man, though it’s been days since he’s slept. Continue reading


That night I traveled back to 1984… and had the absolute time of my life

Okay, so I know my blog has been pretty John Hughes-heavy lately, but… sorry not sorry, because this was just too good not to write about.

IMG_6998On Saturday evening, after a brutal nine hour shift and a pretty rough week, my friend and I decided to check out DBA’s For the Record: Dear John Hughes in West Hollywood. (And when I say “decided to check out” I mean bought our tickets weeks ago and couldn’t wait…)

Anyway, so I had heard about the series, and all of the cool things they had going on at DBA, but I didn’t really know what to expect, never having seen one of their shows, or even a cabaret in general. Let me just state for the record, I was not disappointed. Continue reading

Veep recap: “East Wing”

Another half hour with the nation’s fearless leader, and this week she has quickly abandoned her flustered, new kid jitters, in favor of her usual spunk and sassy confidence, taking every opportunity to remind her thankless staffers that she’s busy “saving the world.”

Speaking of said staffers, the emphasis of “East Wing” seems to be on their struggles and incompetence, as it all begins with the reveal of Mike’s embarrassing, newly dyed mustache… which he likes to call “tangerine dream.” Continue reading

Veep recap: “There are literally no words.”

HBO had a helluva night, with the season premieres of three of its scripted shows: Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and Veep.


Watching the ill-fated speech — via HBO

Conversely to the show’s name, the Julia Louis-Dreyfus led Veep entered Sunday’s fourth season premiere with the titular character – Selina Meyer – looking worse for wear due to her responsibilities as the United States’ first woman president.

It all comes to a head as she takes the podium during what was meant to be a term-defining speech, only to find that all of the text has been erased from the teleprompter. Continue reading