Easter with the LA fam!

So this is my second time celebrating Easter out here, and while it isn’t any less of a bummer to not be able to be home, at least I’ve started to find a small circle of friends to celebrate these holidays with.


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The most wonderful night of the year… Oscars!

Every year all of the biggest names in film join together to honor the season’s best performances… and make dreams come true for movie buffs like me.

This year I wanted to have a viewing party, to celebrate one of my favorite nights of the year with some of my favorite people.


My roommate and I decided to get a little cutesy with our party’s offerings, creating a menu inspired by some of the nominees. Continue reading

Happy Galentine’s Day!

So everyone knows that today is Valentine’s Day — a day of red roses, heart-shaped chocolates, and scorn for all singletons.

However, a select group of people — those in the know — also celebrate the day before Valentine’s Day, a day for lasting friendships, accomplished ladies, and crispy, golden waffles (order isn’t important).


College Magazine Via NBC

One of TV’s most earnest and kind-hearted characters, Leslie Knope (played by the amazing gift to earth that is Amy Poehler) created the holiday “Galentine’s Day” on the NBC series Parks and Recreation, which is currently (sadly) airing its final season. Continue reading