Dark Places countdown is on

So this post is mostly gratuitous but guys, oh my gosh am I excited for Dark Places. And guess what? It’s only NINE days away. That’s all.

Just nine days until Gillian Flynn’s brilliantly written crime thriller hits the big screen, bringing to life anti-hero Libby Day.

Oh, and did I mention Libby is played by god’s gift to earth, Charlize Theron? She’s joined by Nicholas Hoult, the breathtaking Christina Hendricks, Chloe Grace Moretz – who I’ve been obsessed with since Kick Ass – and Corey Stoll, who I adore despite his evil inclinations in Ant-Man, because come on, House of Cards.

The movie follows Libby as an adult, twenty-five years after her mother and sisters were brutally murdered in the Kansas Prairie Massacre.

Her brother – who she helped put away at the tender age of seven – sits in prison, the only suspect for the crime.

However, as her resources begin to dry up – seeing as her only income stems from donations received as a child – she agrees to work with a group who goes by the name “Kill Club,” and enjoys solving crimes in their spare time.


The inquisitive group, led by Hoult, believe Ben is innocent, sending Libby on wild goose chase to uncover the truth – that is, if it in fact doesn’t match what she always believed to be true.

Anyway, the movie hits theaters August 7… and I’m stoked. Anyone else?

Until next time,



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