It’s a good day to be a kid at heart (and a Degrassi fan)

So just last week I shared that after 14 years Degrassi had finally finished going “there” and was ending. I should have known never to doubt that optimistic opener.

New information has emerged today, revealing – as Vulture had suggested – that Degrassi will in fact continue on, just not on Teen Nick (your loss, Nick Cannon!).

See, our modern day knight in shining armor, Netflix, has once again ridden in on its white horse to save the day, as reported by Time. The series will continue on the streaming service – and Canada’s Family Channel – in early 2016.

Whatever it takes, indeed. via Epitome Pictures Inc.

Whatever it takes, indeed. via Epitome Pictures Inc.

Speaking of the move, Degrassi co-creator and executive producer Linda Schuyler said: “We are energized and excited to work with Family Channel as we tell stories for the new post-millennial teen cohort known as Generation Z, most of whom weren’t even born when Degrassi returned in 2001.” (Way to make me feel old, Linda.)

The latest re-envisioning of the series is signed for 20 episodes on the new networks, and was also given an updated subtitle, making it: Degrassi: Next Class.

If that wasn’t good enough news, in another burst of nostalgia-overload, Vans has released a line of Disney-themed merch, including backpacks, trendy tees, and best of all, sneakers.

via Vans

via Vans

Now, Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin was my favorite princess as a child – and… yep, still applies. On top of being gorgeous, because come on, they all are, and that’s not all that matters, she was fiery, – and I admit I may have been a bit of a sassy kid –  stood up for what she believed in, and had a freaking pet tiger.

I can’t even discuss how amazing that is, because if I even tried to describe how much I loved tigers that would be a whole blog post in and of itself. Anyway, for a myriad of reasons, including the few I just mentioned, I was obsessed with Princess Jasmine (and, okay, her Prince as well – may or may not have harbored a bit of a crush in later years on Scott Weinger’s Steve on Full House because he voiced the titular character – but that is neither here nor there).

Tumblr via Disney

Tumblr via Disney

That being said, it was a bit of a struggle as a kid, because it seemed like the purses, tea sets, etc. were always marketed around Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty and not my girl Jazz.

Of course, I bought whatever I did find – okay, my parents did, and within reason – including a certain purple dress that I wore with a regularity you can only get away with as a youngster.

My fave dress (and homegurl,  @k_caldwell31)

My fave dress (and homegurl, @k_caldwell31)

Years later now  I’m not really buying a lot of Disney tea sets or purses – to my dismay – so when I heard about Vans’ Disney princess  collection I was excited… before remembering that disappointment I felt as a kid after realizing that they didn’t have Jasmine.

via Vans

via Vans

But guess what guys, they do. And they’re glorious. And so now I’m questioning… do I dare buy Jasmine-themed sneakers? And in all honesty, I think that I do. I mean, I know what Donna Meagle would say.

via NBC

via NBC

It’s almost my birthday, after all.

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