Movie Review: Insidious: Chapter 3

I have to admit, I rolled my eyes a bit when I heard they were making a third Insidious film. I’m sure a lot of people did. But after watching *cue dramatic music that makes you jump out of your theater seat* Insidious: Chapter 3, I feel a little put in my place.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it’s the best movie ever made, but then again, horror films never are — of course unless you count Silence of the Lambs as a horror, but I think most people file that one under thriller. Either way, it’s fantastic.

Back to Insidious: Chapter 3 — It begins with somewhat of a rocky start. Stefanie Scott (some of you may know this Disney darling from A.N.T. Farm, but if not you’ll certainly know her soon enough from her upcoming role in Jem and the Holograms — now don’t think I’m discrediting her horror chops. I just know scary isn’t everybody’s jam, but Jem is pretty hotly anticipated. Anyway –>) plays Quinn Brenner, who is left beside herself when she loses her mother to cancer.
via  Automatik Entertainment

via Automatik Entertainment

A year and half later she’s desperately trying to communicate with her via any means necessary, which leads her to medium Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) from the first two films. Their meeting definitely does not go as the teen had planned, with Elise shutting everything down and warning the girl not to try and connect with her mother alone anymore – because “if you call out to one of the dead, all of them can hear you.”

When Quinn heads back home, that’s when things get a bit awkward, as the interactions between her and My Best Friends Wedding‘s Dermot Mulroney are surprisingly stiff. He’s chaotic and gruff, and he doesn’t understand his ‘weird’ daughter for wanting to blog and instagram her pretty breakfast.

However, to be fair, it does seem to improve throughout the film, and their father-daughter bond isn’t really what brought you in anyway.
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via Automatik Entertainment

Quinn’s neighbor Hector (Ashton Moio) has a crush on her, which isn’t really that big of a plot point, except that it leads to one creepy – that wasn’t him?! – ghost-fueled moment, though I enjoyed his presence since I’ve had a crush on him since ABC Family’s strange and short-lived Twisted.

Following his introduction Quinn heads to an important theater school audition in New York, where she’s followed by a strange man waving at her. She believes the distraction – plus her strict dad not letting her study, leads to her bombing the audition, which then leads to her being comforted by bestie Maggie (Hayley Kiyoko).

I won’t spoil what happens next, but let me assure, it’s shocking – maybe not Janet Leigh in the shower-shocking, but I didn’t see it coming… and it had me jumping out of my seat.
After the shocker-that-won’t-be-spoiled, Quinn is back in her bedroom, where the ghost she believed to be her mother trying to connect, begins to reveal itself as something a lot more sinister. And guys, this is where it gets hairy.
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via Automatik Entertainment,

Now, I’m not sure why I didn’t think this film would be scary. I guess I was just scoffing at the notion of another sequel… I mean, did anyone see the last Paranormal Activity? It’s getting to be too much. Although… again, to be fair, the third one in that series, with the genius oscillating fan move, was one of the best.

I have basically blocked the Insidious maze at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights out of my head it was so terrifying, so it’s not like the series couldn’t bring the thrills. I guess it had just been a while since I had seen them? Let’s be real: I was probably just sour my girl Rose Byrne wasn’t in this one – am I right?

Regardless, I was not prepared. This sequel – neigh – prequel, does not mess around. My fellow moviegoers and I were screaming, holding onto each other, and laughing our asses off in embarrassment following particularly big thrills.

Again, without giving away too much, Stefanie – who had never done a horror film before – seemingly found it easy to shed her sunny Disney persona to put on a devilishly frightening performance, which includes one particularly disarming scene that may linger in viewers’ minds long after they leave the theater – at least it will for this one.
via  Automatik Entertainment

via Automatik Entertainment

The film – written and directed by Leigh Whannell – also has its fair share of comedic moments, especially from the duo of the Spectral Sightings video series – director Leigh himself as Specs, and Angus Sampson as Tucker – who are brought in at first to help the Brenners, and then end up teaming up with Elise.

Bottom line is, let go of your sequel/prequel biases. If you’re looking for a thrill, Insidious: Chapter 3 is sure to bring it. I feel like I need to default to Goosebumps as a sign-off on this one: ‘Viewers beware, you’re in for a scare.’

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