It feels like a perfect night… to shut down Tinder trolls

It can be really hard to be a girl, what with all the constant scrutiny over your physical appearance alone – like, we do have brains. We’re more than just an LA face with an Oakland booty, y’all.

But as disgusting as it is, you get kind of seasoned to the constant criticism of yourself, and celebrities. Take Jon Stewart’s look at Caitlyn Jenner’s introduction to the world this week:


Daily Show via THR

The TV personality served all the realness as he joked: “Caitlyn, when you were a man, we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen. But now you’re a woman, which means your looks are really the only thing we care about.”

“Look, we want to give a woman a compliment here. We just need to make sure another woman gets taken down a peg,” he continued, as he noted that the star was being compared to other female celebrities and their levels of attractiveness.

He later quipped: “You came out at 65, and you’ve got another two years before you become invisible to society. Better make the most of it.”

The host summed up his comments by saying, “Caitlyn Jenner, congratulations. Welcome to being a woman in America.”

Now, that bit falls hard into the somewhat painful, “funny because it’s true” category. But sometimes, it just isn’t funny. And that’s the case when you put yourself out there and sign up for a dating app – as one does in these confusing and seemingly meaningless times of dating in the digital age – and a match takes it upon themselves to offer unsolicited “health advice.”

This happened to one such app user, gorgeous and sassy Marketing Director and frequent social media user Christina Topacio. She met a guy on Tinder six months ago – though they never met in person – and when things never really worked out she kind of forgot about him.

via @profreshstyle

via @profreshstyle

Oh, that is, until the grotesque way she was disgustingly letting herself go – and having the gall to share it all over social media – was just too much, and he had to step in and say something. **

** I’m being unbelievably sarcastic here 1) because she’s stunning, 2) because weight doesn’t determine beauty, and 3) because no man, or singular person other than yourself, should determine your value, and the fact that he thought he could is pretty much downright repulsive.

Anyway, so he decided to tip her off that it was time to shape up, but only in the most tactful way, of course.

She took to Twitter and Facebook to show off the horrid messages, which began with: “Christina…can I tell you something that might make you never wanna talk to me again, but I wanna tell you anyways”

She obliges, after which the boy – plz, he is not a man – goes on to say that he is “constantly creepin” on her pictures, and while her personality is “hilarious” and he can tell she’s “witty” and “smart,” he has one reason why he hasn’t made anything happen, even though he “would seriously consider” dating her – aw!

Here’s the reason: “You need to fucking lose weight. it kills me.”

Excuse me, you said WHAT NOW?

Excuse me, you said WHAT NOW?

But Christina, being the cool chick that she is, didn’t give in to anger from this judgmental fool. No, she got back at him in the most epic way possible: by responding with a snap of her indulging in Chipotle.

via @profreshstyle

via @profreshstyle

via @profreshstyle

via @profreshstyle

That’s right, this confident, self-assured sister doesn’t have any time for fuck boys telling her what she needs to be. Like the comparably bad ass Janelle Monáe tweeted earlier this year: “Sit down, I’m not for male consumption.”

Christina shared her story on Twitter and Facebook, along with an inspirational message to never let others bring you down, and always love who you are.

via @profreshstyle

via @profreshstyle

She wrote: “So all I want to say about this as I move forward as a healthy, bright, sassy, intelligent 28 year old (today is my birth!), is be so, so happy with yourself!”

“If you wanna change something, dope. But, do it because you want to not because there’s someone controlling who/what/when/where/how/WHY. And, no matter who decides to cut you down whether it be your mom, sister, boyfriend, or random Tinder guy, know that yes, you are fucking special as shit + yes, you deserve better than someone’s lame pass at being “helpful.” xProfresh”

So Happy Birthday, Christina, and thanks for being your badass self and not letting that asshole bring your down. You’re fabulous 🙂

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