Veep Recap: “Mommy Meyer”

Mike is the beleaguered staff member this week, as he vents to his wife while at breakfast about the overwhelming stressors of his job. She dutifully gives him a pep talk, after which he dashes off to work – leaving her with the bill – remembering as he leaves that it’s her birthday. Don’t worry though, he does mention he’ll try to grab something for her after work.

Back in the oval office the gang bursts Selina’s bubble, as after gushing over her recent performance in a debate, she was forced to confront the public’s less than stellar opinions of her Families First bill (aka Mommy Meyer bill).

It’s revealed that the bill is getting crucified on the hill, to which Ben callously jokes: “just like that Jesus guy.” It only gets worse from there, as Bill reads a particularly harsh opinion on the bill: “If Families First is passed, the whole concept of families will come to an end.” Funny man Ben quips: “Well, that’s the goal. I’m not sure we’ll achieve it in this generation.”

However, their decompression is interrupted, as secret service swarms in, circling around Selina, as it’s revealed that there’s an intruder in the White House. Bill absolutely loses his shit (“Why isn’t there an elevator to a secret bunker?”) while Gary opens the door just in time to see the perp get tackled in the hallway, causing Selina’s loyal aid to erupt in a chorus of “Shit got real!”

Selina was livid because Ben spilled that the intruder was coming after Tom James and “that bitch.” The attempted murder wasn’t the offense, of course, but the fact that he knew Tom James’ name and not hers.

Tom James had to mess up sooner or later... via HBO

Tom James had to mess up sooner or later… via HBO

Things only continue to get worse for Mike throughout the episode, as Tom James makes quite the gaffe during a public appearance. Earlier in the day the team had learning of a shooting in Pittsburgh by an ex marine.

Then later, when asked of the tragedy – and if it should inspire stricter gun control – Tom instead spoke of the shooter, and how he was a victim as well, being an ex marine. The entire staff then launches into action to cover up the mistake, with Kent (as ordered by Ben) ordering Jonah and Richard to yank Tom off the stage.

After Tom waves the pair off in their first attempt, Richard – who is quickly becoming my favorite character – suggests they end the speech by hitting the button that drops the balloons. Unfortunately, when Jonah emphatically goes for that idea, Richard’s forced to admit it “was just an example.”

Now it's their turn to mess up. via HBO

Now it’s their turn to mess up. via HBO

This leads to Mike taking the brunt of the criticism again, as he takes the stand in front of the press to answer questions regarding the controversial statement. When the dreaded question actually comes, Mike is speechless, left stammering in front of the hungry reporters.

He later laments that he thinks he’s going to be the one to bring the government down, as he’s ‘not good at his job,’ an admittance which is met by nods of agreement from Jonah.

Speaking of, Jonah and Richard let it slip to Tom that there was a second, more serious, data breach, news that he confronted head-on during ‘Friday drinks’ later that night.

Meanwhile, Selina had been excited all day for a reunion with her law school girlfriends, though it didn’t quite pan out as she had imagined.

The women were not exactly impressed with her Families First bill, which they weren’t afraid to tell her, though they did admit they’d buy it if Tom were selling it to them — which is likely the last thing Selina wants to hear.

via HBO

via HBO

Lucky for her, the awkward gathering is interrupted as secret service has to swarm in yet again to protect the POTUS from an intruder. When one of her ‘friends’ asks of their safety during the lockdown, Selina jokes – from behind her wall of guards – “Don’t worry, Deborah. The only person who wants to kill you is here in this room.”

Saved by the... intruder? via HBO

Saved by the… intruder? via HBO

Amy and Dan are busy this episode delving deeper into the slimy, smarmy world of post-White House, power-grubbing, lobbying.

And Amy’s actually pretty damn good at it, but the look on her face at the end of the episode – when Dan’s onstage calling out raffle winners (“Stop. Raffle time.”) and getting ready to shoot off the T-shirt cannon – makes me think she may be leaning toward yet another career change.

Sound bites:

“It’s like if dogs could talk.” – Kent on Ben, after he quips that siege stuff goes straight to his bladder

“It needs to be at room temperature, otherwise it just tastes of cold.” – Kent to Jonah on his sashimi order

“Mike, you’re a spokesman. You’re not supposed to say anything.” – Bill, when a buzzed Mike goes to open up to Tom about the original data leak

"I have a sinking feeling..." via HBO

“I have a sinking feeling…” via HBO

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