Veep recap: “Convention”

Okay, so I know I’m totally a day late and a dollar short with this Veep recap, but I worked late last night so I missed out… but I didn’t want to just not write about it, because it was so wild.

Of course a lot happens, what with Doyle stepping down and Dan scrambling to impress his vegetable-obsessed client. But the biggest news is that Amy quits as Selina’s campaign manager.

After everything she’d already been through, Selina’s (seemingly) brainless parrot Karen was just too much – the straw that broke the camel’s back – and the overly worked, overly stressed aide called it quits. Two down.

She went down in flames as she tore the President a new one, going so far as to say the “only thing” she has accomplished is solidifying the fact that there would never be another woman president, because the one time they had one she “fucking sucked.”

"You're the worst thing to happen to this country since food in buckets..."

“You’re the worst thing to happen to this country since food in buckets…” via HBO

“You have two settings – no decision and bad decision. I wouldn’t let you run a bath without having the coast guard and the fire department standing by, and yet here you are running America,” she spat, as everyone stared, mouths agape.

However, she wasn’t finished yet, as she added: “You are the worst thing that has happened to this country since food in buckets… and maybe slavery.”

Ironically, once Amy quit Selina finally started listening to what she had been saying all along, as she had Ben get rid of Karen (as she hid in the next room), and got in touch with Tom James (Hugh Laurie) to join the ticket as her running mate.

"I wish I was that death row guy." via HBO

“I wish I was that death row guy.”
via HBO

They’re dropping like flies in the West Wing, as Amy isn’t the only loss of staff this episode. Doyle fires Teddy after Ben uses Jonah’s sexual harassment complaints against him as a way to blackmail the Veep into claiming prostate problems were his cause for stepping down, as opposed to his original – and honest – reasoning: “on principle.”

Meanwhile, Dan, Jonah, and Richard are going through hell as they struggle to get in contact with Amy so they can impress the new consultant’s latest client, the vegetable man. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong day to need a favor from Amy, as her resignation puts them all in the dog house.

A moment of hilarity comes as ceaselessly optimistic Richard can’t read the room and amicably strolls by Dan’s boss, offering his hand as he chirps: “It was a pleasure, sir,” as the infuriated businessman quickly removes his hand so as to withhold the unearned shake.

Poor Catherine. via HBO

Poor Catherine.
via HBO

Some other notable moments from the episode come from Selina’s poor daughter Catherine being put through the ringer as she’s made to repeatedly read a speech in front of the gang, ahead of the convention, to announce her engagement – as each person picks apart her every move – from her smile and her attitude, to the way she kisses her fiancé.

Danny Chung returns. via HBO

Danny Chung returns.
via HBO

There’s also quite the interesting (read: awkward?) moment between Selina and Gary, as she mocks Catherine, asking if she needs to demonstrate a kiss to her laughably inept daughter – to which POTUS doesn’t seem to notice Gary mouths “yes.”

Fresh Off the Boat’s Randall Park returns, as the somewhat insufferable Danny Chung (Chung-mania!), who puts the kibosh on Selina’s perfect plan as he turns down her offer to join the ticket because he “doesn’t like the way she operates.”

"You don't look disappointed at all." via HBO

“You don’t look disappointed at all.”
via HBO

In the end Jonah and Dan are still scrambling – and now Amy seems to have joined that party, while Selina’s fears seem to have been quashed by the addition of the friendly, likable Tom James.

Sound bites:

“I just tune her out, like living next to a highway.” – Ben, of Selina’s close friend Karen

“I wish I was that guy on death row.” – Selina, referring to a man who was “apparently vomiting black bile” after she found out her competition chose a young, pretty, smart, Latina candidate as his running mate – aka – “Latina-geddon”

“What am I stuck with? Steve Martin’s boring older brother?” – Selina, of her running mate, Doyle

“What did I do in a past life to deserve Karen?” – Amy asks, to which Kent quickly responds: “I think you must have given the go-ahead for Pearl Harbor.”

“What am I supposed to do, walk out onstage and just keep walking until I fall off the other side?” – Selina, after Danny Chung rejects her offer to run as her Veep

“Best female friend – let’s be honest,” Gary laughs, when Karen is referred to as Selina’s “best friend”


Celebrating a victory with Tom James. via HBO

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3 thoughts on “Veep recap: “Convention”

  1. omarid513 says:

    This was a great episode and Anna Chlumsky was fierce in that rant- like Gary, it feels like she’s been building to this moment. She’s slowly been pushed out of Selina’s inner circle with Bill being made director of Communications, and then Karen literally comes out of nowhere and just acts like a me-too person after Amy has worked all this point…it sends her over the edge. Like Dan last season ranting to Selina about just picking a position on abortion and sticking with it, Amy has a real point: we’ve known long before this that Selina is incompetent, but she could have the potential to do so much better. This being Veep, that’s not really possible. There were tons of great moments in between as well, like Sue’s elated face, Mike reacting to Selina saying everyone should just eat pussy at the idea of an all female ticket, and Tom James not wanting to retell the joke, just to name a few.


    • Kayla Caldwell says:

      I totally agree. It was a really great episode. Curious to see where Amy ends up – big Anna Chlumsky fan. And while Lennon Parham was fantastic, I’m kinda glad to see her go… Karen was the worst! Lol


      • omarid513 says:

        Though I wish Karen had more to do since she only got brought on at the end of the previous episode, so she’s barely been with the viewers for a full episode.


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