Meryl Streep fights the patriarchy in dramatic new teaser for Suffragette

Great news for history buffs – and Carey Mulligan fans. The first trailer was just released for the star’s upcoming film – a telling of the struggles of the brave women pushing for the right to vote – in which she stars alongside greats, Helena Bonham Carter and Oscar winner Meryl Streep.

Streep leads the cast of award-winning ladies in Suffragette as feminist hero Emmeline Pankhurst, directed by Sarah Gavron.

The short teaser begins with a curmudgeonly voice setting the scene for women of the time, as he notes: “Women do not have the calmness of temperament or the balance of mind to exercise judgment in political affairs.”

Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of Carey in her period garb, as she stops to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror, before a suffragette takes matters into her own hands.

“Stones for women!” she yells, as she throws a rock through a storefront window, to the shock of clerks and citizens passing by.

The inspiring trailer ends with a quick look at Meryl, who sagely advises: “Never surrender. Never give up the fight.”

Okay, does anyone else have chills? Seeing this trailer takes me back to high school , where I took a particular fascination to the suffragettes. I remember creating a voting booth for my National History Day project to demonstrate the brave women’s accomplishments.

The prospect of seeing the stories of such inspirational women played out by powerful, autonomous, and successful women like Meryl, Carey, and Helena is thrilling.

The trailer also ends with an important message for viewers, beyond the promotion of their film: “#votingmatters.”

It’s an important reminder, seeing as voter turnout is an issue in our country. Statistics from Rock the Vote in 2012 estimated that despite there being roughly 86 million Millennials in the US, only a fraction turned out to vote, with at least 30 million people skipping it altogether.

So, what do you think – are you as excited for Suffragette as I am? You can check it out this October — and don’t forget to vote in the upcoming presidential election. With Hillary Clinton recently announcing her bid, it’s going to be one to remember!

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