Living like movie stars at the EcoLuxe Lounge

IMG_6951This weekend marks the beginning of popular music festival Coachella, which takes place in Indio, California. And on Sunday the MTV Movie Awards hit the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

In anticipation of the star-studded weekend, Durkin Entertainment put on Ecoluxe Lounge Rock ’N Rolla Movie Awards Road to Coachella at the chic Hollywood hotspot Avalon, followed by a cocktail party at Bardot.

First Candy and I came across this super interesting project, called Letters to the Universe. It kind of reminded me of PostSecret (which I LOVE), as we were given a postcard, on which to write our feelings. However, in this case we were asked to write a letter – as I’m sure you could guess – to the universe.


It definitely seems like a neat project, especially if people are putting positive thoughts out there, because it certainly could never hurt to throw a little more compassion and understanding out into the universe. The representatives were so fun, and gifted Candy and I with the most adorable treat – a pearl of wisdom!

My snazzy makeover by Victoria Rowe

My snazzy makeover by Victoria Rowe

“Ever have a day when you are just struggling? Here’s a secret: either start deeply dreaming of a better situation or go out and just help someone. Works for me. Love, U (-niverse)” – the gift tag read.

Next we were treated to makeovers by celebrity makeup artist Victoria Rowe, who was not only talented, but also a total blast. We looked extra snazzy following our super sleek touch-ups, and she even gifted us her Primo Lash, which promises 77% longer lashes with no irritation – and I will totally write about this in more detail once I get to check it out (and factoring in, of course, the weeks it needs to take effect).

Next we got to check out some stunning activewear jumpsuits from Shama Jade, made of Brazilian supplex for comfort and wearability – and designed in gorgeous patterns and colors.

Athletic-wear by  Shama Jade

Athletic-wear by Shama Jade

We had a bit of a “treat yo self” mindset during the day – it may seem redundant to even say that when we’re at a gifting suite – sampling cocktails and spiked frozen treats from Slim Chillers. Remember those freezer pops you loved as a kid? Yeah, well now they come paired with your new favorite treat… vodka.

Beachwood Brewing Company also had a booth, serving up two choice samples of beer to give a little variety to the adult selection. But don’t worry, there were plenty of non-alcoholic options, too. Brain Toniq and Trim Toniq were on hand, to stimulate the mind and speed up the metabolism. Icebox water also demonstrated a great alternative to wasteful plastic water bottles.IMG_6950

Camp Run-A-Mutt was also represented, and if you can get over how adorable the punny name is, it only gets better (hard to believe), because the please is basically a vacation for your four-legged friend. The doggie daycare is cage free, and full of crazy amenities such as a spacious grassy area, a waterfall/splash pond, a sundeck, and more. They even make sure a person sleeps with the dogs that are staying overnight – no sad, lonely cages. Are you in love?

The event also had one of my biggest weaknesses: photo booths. (Of course that was a weakness I discovered at my sorority’s semi-formal senior year of college, when I had too much Chardonnay and made use of our event’s booth no less than 15 times… and sadly, that is not an exaggeration.)


Candy and I grabbed colorful glasses, bowties, and a kickin’ little guitar, before hopping into the booth and throwing on our most game pouts.

IMG_6949After hanging out in the gifting suite for a while Candy I and made our way up to Bardot, where we sipped on some ah-mazing pomegranate margarita slushies, courtesy of Slim Chillers (made using the brand’s zero calorie BlenderFulls) and listened to hits played by DJ Mike Shay.

All in all seems like a pretty great day, right? Are you excited for the MTV Movie Awards – or Coachella?

Until next time,



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