Easter with the LA fam!

So this is my second time celebrating Easter out here, and while it isn’t any less of a bummer to not be able to be home, at least I’ve started to find a small circle of friends to celebrate these holidays with.


It’s easier to be away from home when you have your home away from home. And we’ve got our little crew – the kid’s table, or as we lovingly , and oh so creatively call it, our LA fam.IMG_6912

So yesterday, the LA fam joined at my apartment to celebrate Easter. I was amped for a number of reasons, one being my caffeine-addicted self could finally drink soda again now that Easter Sunday had brought about the end of lent.

But Easter Sunday brings so many more great things than the sugary happiness inside of an icy bottle of Coke – it brings: ham, the final confirmation that spring has arrived, stunning pastel styles at church service, lilies (my favorite flower!), and, if you’re lucky, a chance to gather with family for one of the great eating holidays.

Unfortunately, as I said, I was not able to go home and see family – but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t eat! I made what I would have enjoyed had I headed home: ham, stuffed shells, mashed potatoes, my late mom-mom’s special cinnamon cake (which was a hit), and one extra treat – white sangria.


My roommate also chipped in, making a festive carrot dish and on-theme (and delicious) deviled eggs. Another friend brought a great strawberry salad… and pretty much everyone else brought wine.

via FOX

Our dining area was decorated with baby pink cutlery, and festive-shaped SweeTarts in a baby blue bowl, as well as an arrangement of lilies, because of course I couldn’t resist!

As 4pm rolled around guests began to arrive, the cocktails and conversation started flowing, and maybe, just maybe, we forgot for a minute just how much we all missed home.

Happy Easter! How did you celebrate?

Until next time,



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