Toy Story 4… a romantic comedy?


HDW via Disney Pixar

Today a few details emerged regarding the storyline of the upcoming sequel in the Toy Story series. I wrote about it for MailOnline, but I wanted to share my thoughts on it here.

Pixar President Jim Morris shared – while speaking with Disney Latino – that Toy Story 4 won’t actually be a continuation of the original trilogy, but instead, a love story.

He said that he felt the third film was a ‘beautiful end’ to the trilogy, and now the next movie will be a standalone romantic comedy, which won’t have as much to do with the relationship between the toys and the children.

It was quite the reveal, and at first I couldn’t decide if I was excited or nervous for the changes to the new movie.

But then I thought about it, and while the scenes with Andy and his family are certainly touching – I may or may not have cried like a baby during the third film – I’m really invested in the movies because of the toys.

I want to know how Woody’s going to lead the gang, and watch his friendship with Buzz develop. I want to see Rex continue to try and be a scary dinosaur or the hijinx of the lovable grump Mr. Potato Head.

After thinking about that, I got excited about the new movie again – but of course, that hinges on the hope that Tim Allen and Tom Hanks sign on for it, because it just wouldn’t be Toy Story without Woody and Buzz.

What do you think the new movie will be about – the developing romance between Buzz and Jessie? Or maybe it could be that sweet crush we saw between Trixie and Reptillus Maximus in the latest special Toy Story That Time Forgot? Lastly, is there a chance that Bo Peep makes a return and the romance involves Woody? Heck, perhaps – and probably, likely – all of these theories are wrong and it’s a completely new story.

Either way, the screenplay is being written by Will McCormack and my girl Rashida Jones from The Office and Parks and Recreation, which I find reassuring…. not that I don’t generally have every faith in the brilliant minds at Pixar.

Also, the film is being helmed by OG Toy Story director – and Chief Creative Officer of Pixar – John Lasseter, and Jim, the Pixar Prez himself said: ‘I think it will be a very good movie.’

What do you think – will you be rushing into theaters come June 16, 2017?

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