Popping champagne and avoiding abduction… with LA Travel Magazine

On Friday my friend Candy and I were pumped to dress up and visit Hollywood icon the Bardot.

The occasion was LA Travel Magazine‘s winter launch party, which boasted champagne, live performances, and the chance to win a trip to Europe.

FullSizeRender 2

Of course we quickly made our way to the champagne table, which was beautifully decorated with an arrangement of Miss Lingard/white Phlox flowers.

FullSizeRenderWe then decided to walk around and explore the space’s stunning 1920’s-inspired speakeasy atmosphere.

It was then that we encountered what appeared to be – and honestly, I hope that was the case – a rather drunk guest.

He seemed quite attached to my friend, telling her repeatedly how cute she was  – which I found not surprising (since she’s stunning) but a bit annoying, as he wasn’t really offering anything to our experience as much as he was impeding the enjoyment of our night.

Our awkward conversation was put on hold as three singers in gorgeous flapper regalia  took their place in front of old-style microphones, that were in fact real, and not just props for guests’ photographs.

The girls were stunning, and reminded me of Chicago, which I loved… and am now suddenly in the mood to revisit.


Via Candy Washington

However, following the performance, our intoxicated acquaintance found us again, this time surprisingly zeroing in on me.


via Candy Washington

He grabbed me by the arm and began leading me away as he jokingly said: “Don’t go anywhere.” To which I matter-of-factly replied: “I can’t.”

He then continued: “‘Cause I’d find you, and capture you. And bad things would happen… Or good.”

Now, I think he meant this in jest, but of course as a man saying this to a younger woman he doesn’t know he probably should have tread a bit more lightly.

That’s why when he stopped to chat with friends – and loosened his grip – and his friend joked “Run!.. nah” We thought: “Yes!” and took off.

The rest of the night went a bit more smoothly, the two of us joking around as we mingled at the event.

Our “friend” did find us once more, pressing us to do tequila shots, but he finally strode off when we assured him we weren’t interested.

One chic shot on the red carpet later, and the night was over – we were on our way back to my car and heading home.


It had been a weird night at times, but it was nothing a little jamming out to *NSYNC Pandora couldn’t fix.

Until next time,



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