Girls’ Night

I’m kicking this thing off with a note about a fashion night out on Thursday with my girls Candy and Violet.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.23.04 PM

via @candywashington

We dropped by trendy LA boutique Satine to check out Fashion blogger Rumi Neely’s debut line, Are You Am I.IMG_6555

DJ Peaches had the music blasting in the gallery, decorated with fun neon art, arrangements of pastel flowers, and walls adorned with the brand’s logo in gilded, vintage frames.

Rumi thrilled us with chic sheer tops, edgy asymmetrical leather skirts, and luxurious satin camisoles. But we especially loved her clever, punchy ad campaign.

White index cards littered the entire gallery, containing confident descriptive statements, play testimonials, and fun calls to action.

IMG_6554“Save this from a burning fire,” “You can run into your ex now,” and “Cher Horowitz wears Are You Am I,” are a few of my favorite examples.

And honestly, what better inspiration do you need to shop a fashion brand than knowing that the polaroid of perfection herself  endorses it? We’re sold.

We were lucky enough to be able to grab a minute with Neely during the event, and she shared a few exciting details about upcoming designs, such as a stunning, black embossed leather pencil skirt – which will also come in nude – that she modeled herself at the event.


She also spilled that there would be plenty of cool, new styles coming out in time for Coachella, so pay close attention to @areyouami for all the deets.

We clinked glasses of Perrier and Prosecco as we browsed the hopping boutique, lusting after the chic pieces, styled in a classic black and white motif.

The Are You Am I collection is available online now, with pieces on display at Satine boutique in Los Angeles as well.


After browsing to our hearts’ content, we headed back out into the cool, Los Angeles night, trying  to remember where we parked our cars, and – despite our glammed-up looks – lamenting about how good a McDonald’s cheeseburger would’ve been right about then…

Until next time,


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via @_violetbanks

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